Nov 18, 2009

Cyber Wars?

According to an article on McAfee is warning nations against politically motivated cyber attacks. They have been predicting this threat for awhile now and just recently have seen the threats become real. Not worried about it since your not into politics? According to McAfee private and public business will not fare well and may get caught in the crossfire. It's more important than ever now to protect your information and technology against threats. Here is the original article. McAfee Outlines Growing Cyber Warfare Threat.

Nov 3, 2009

Microsoft Axes Accounting Software

Microsoft announced recently that they will no longer be offering their suite of accounting software packages. Bummer for those who stuck with it for these past few years. I myself had switched over from Quickbooks to Small Business Accounting a few years ago. You see, we are a big Microsoft supporter and were excited they had added that element to the Microsoft software family. Unfortunately, it wasn't very easy to use, they kept changing it, and I eventually got so frustrated that I switched back to Quickbooks. I guess others may have had the same experience now that I hear Microsoft will no longer be offering the software. Too bad, really - it would be nice to go with Microsoft on this one but when it came down to it, I had to have a good program to do the books for my business on. Quickbooks fit the ticket. Now I am using Quickbooks Online which I love because I can travel and still access my accounting records. I can easily give my accountant a log in as well and she can work on our taxes. I just pay a monthly fee and we get a 3 user license. If you are interested ... check it out! Quickbooks Online Article Microsoft Info